For the dreams to get wings, they need proper nourishment of knowledge, personal attention and regular motivation. At Milestone Academy, our teaching methodology combines interactive teaching which opens up students' minds to knowledge. The regular test series and seminars conducted by us help them easily navigate through challenges coming their way. Such is the impact of Milestone Academy that the success achieved here spreads to the rest of their lives.

Today, life is full of opportunities and possibilities. There are new careers springing up each day.

Milestone Education Society provides educational facilities to aspiring students who cannot overcome financial hurdle. The society encourages students by providing them with education, books, scholarships and sponsoring a child's education.

Milestone Academy Scholarship, under the flagship of Milestone Academy provides merit based-scholarship to talented students who cannot afford to continue their higher education and provides them with best educational facilities.

We conduct seminars at regular intervals for our students to keep them motivated, encouraged and upbeat through the year. We ensure our students do not wear stress and feel enthusiastic about achieving the results. With this perspective in mind, Milestone Academy has developed a section 'Creating Benchmark' that brings seminars on Motivation, Board Exam Preparation, Students' Counseling, Goal Setting, Paper writing skills, etc. It also undertakes seminars for parents so that they can contribute healthily in their child's progress.