Milestone Academy has devised a very selective team of professors who are highly experienced in their respective fields. Our panel of teachers in addition to possessing vast knowledge, exhibits maturity and good understanding of child's psychology. Our teachers are strict enough to ensure perfect discipline within the students. They also give liberty to let students feel free to raise questions and doubts as well as express their views.


We bring interactive learning with audio-visual learning equipments. We ensure complete clarity of concepts and encourage students to ask questions till the concepts are clearly understood. We undertake regular revision lectures to facilitate better learning. We provide our students with comprehensive learning materials in the form of books and notes.


Milestone Academy boasts of the most comfortable classrooms that are ergonomically designed to ensure the comfort of the child which is turn ensure unweave concentration. Each class has ideal students: ratio so that individual attention is given to every child.


We have devised an organized set of tests encompassing each subject in such a way that every subject gets enough repetitions to ensure good revision of the concepts. Each subject is divided into chapter-wise tests so that all aspects of each chapter get proper emphasis. Students are taught skills and techniques to write the answer papers such that they optimally manage time with the best presentation. The answer papers are well scrutinized and corrected strictly by our faculty. The mistakes are discussed in the class and students' doubts are solved.